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Logo Design

Various logo designs for clients over the years. Most done in illustrator.


Final logo design for Senders' Pub

Senders logo color rough 4.JPG

Primary and secondary color scheme for the logo

Senders logo color rough 1.JPG

final color studies


Final logo design for Drafty's, a screenwriting workhop website

Drafty's Logo.png
Drafty's Logo D Circle.png
Drafty's Logo D Circle Final Orange.png

two different color schemes were requested for the design


As part of the commission, the client requested 3 images created for 'buttons' on their website. All are 6" square and painted in photoshop


Logo design for the Endgames Sketch Company. Played with their initials 'esc' and used the escape key on a keyboard as inspiration

Coupled With Disney Logo 2.png

A quick logo commission for the Youtube channel 'Coupled With Disney'

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