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My name is Casey Marquez (she/they) and I'm a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer based out of San Francisco, California. My work started with show flyers for various comedy acts in the city, and has grown to include acts such as Bad Religion and NOFX.

The Butterscotch Workshop style is pure escapism.

The style is intended to give the viewer the same feeling I had when I was young, waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons or thumbing through old newspaper comic collections in the library. The illustrations, like those cartoons, are colorful, playful,  lowbrow and naive.  There’s no classism, racism, or any exclusivity in these designs. These pieces weren’t there to divide an audience, or overtly educate.

What started as an homage to comic artists I grew up reading and watching evolved into a pop psychedelic blend of vintage prints, comic art, and imaginary realism. It’s intention, most of the time, is to help generate interest in shows or events. Never was there any real deep meaning to any of the pieces. Explicit meaning wasn’t the point. The point is for the Butterscotch Workshop to be a place where I can experiment and where I can escape, and my hope is the viewer will experience a similar feeling of delight.

Please see contact page for information on commissions.

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