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Fantasy Card Game Concepts

First few rounds of concepts for a fantasy mobile card game commission.

Concept 1 Slide .jpg
Concept 2 Slide.jpg
Concept 3 Slide.jpg
Concept 4 Slide.jpg
Concept 5 Slide.jpg
Concept 6 Slide.jpg
Concept 7 Slide.jpg
Concept 8 Slide.jpg
Final Slide 1.jpg
Final Slide 2.jpg
Final Slide 3.jpg
Centaur Archer Final Sliced fix sgare.jpg
Wing Boots Final Sliced fix share - Copy.jpg
Fire Mage Final Sliced fix share.jpg
Mage Reading Scroll Scrolls Final Sliced fix share.jpg
Buffing Mage Final Sliced Fix share.jpg
Mage With Scrolls Final Sliced  share - Copy.jpg
Shield Warrior Scrolls Final Sliced fix share - Copy.jpg
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