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Work done while employed as the Graphic Designer and Marketing Associate for the music venue.


BAND THE POSTER, 12"x24". photoshop/screen print, 2021

Large print that originally started as a shirt design but was ultimately rejected. A love letter to the now closed venue.

slims flyers punk.jpg

Started experimenting with collage when designing show flyers for Slim's, with some interesting outcomes. This is also one of the earlier instances of using halftones in my work.

Rollerblade Lagwagon Final.jpg

One of the first big shows I was given the opportunity to design for. Went through a lot of concepts and ultimately landed on the roller blade. Really happy with the piece and the show was outstanding!

koozie website.jpg

Koozie design for the same Lagwagon show. My first experience working with a third party printer. The koozie prints were not the best, but it was cool to see my digital work come to life in the real world.

slims flyers sample.jpg

Oftentimes there were shows that did not come with pre-designed promotional material, so I was given the task of making flyers for them. It was fun trying to design the flyers in the same vibe as the music the artists made.

Art  Show 2.jpg

Flyer made for the annual staff art show and craft fair. More playing with collage and using old vintage paintings as models.


One of the first big projects I was assigned at Slim's was the redesigning of their menu. Really happy with the end result, and while it took a lot of work the typography and layout turned out really nice.


A fun show flyer made for the band Alia. The Kanji was taken from their twitter. I started playing around with digital paper textures around this time, and the texture on this one really ties it all together.

Layouts Round 3 Page 1.jpg
Layouts Round 3 Page 2.jpg
Slims Merch Banner 2.jpg

When Covid shut down all music venues, the owners of the club opted to launch a merch store. I was tasked with the design and layout for the merch, and here are some of the later updates sent to the owners for approval.

Another Layout of the new merch used for social media promotion


Animation made to help promote new merch store on social media. My first time experimenting with line boil and animation made in Photoshop.

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