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Commissioned work for the band.


Suck In Studio, 12"x12", Photoshop, Screen Print, 2020

Commissioned design for NOFX's studio album that would be recorded live on Patreon. Design would be used as the header for the Patreon as well as a shirt design for patrons.

Suck In Studio Progression 2.jpg

Thumbnails and color roughs for the finished design.

NOFX 2.jpg

Shirt design for a live performance of the album 'So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes. The Show was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID Concerns.

NOFX 3.jpg

2/3 shirt designs for the 'So Long' show that was cancelled.

NOFX 4.jpg

Design 3/3 for same concert


Design layouts used for visual representation of designs on final shirts.

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