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Personal Work

Work done for art shows or personal art challenges with no client or commissions.

BSWS_Interstella 2 Color Print Separations small 2.jpg

Interstella, 18"x12" 2 color screen print, 2021

Illustration made for an Interstella 5555 art show and screening at the Balboa Theater in San Francisco.


WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB! 1-2-3-4!!!, 12"x18" 2 color screen print, 2021

Designed as as follow up to the Interstella illustration and printed with the same style.

sunsets and razorblades tour Print Ready copy.jpg

Sunsets and Razorblades Tour Poster, 12"x15" Photoshop 2021

A tour poster made for fun based off of my old high school band. Illustration made with risograph colors and printing method in mind.

Miami Connection Final copy 3.jpg

Miami Connection, 12"x15" Photoshop, 2021

A poster designed for a monthly illustration challenge. The month's prompt: Redo of an 80's movie using only the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

Out of the way kid copy.jpg

Out Of The Way Kid, 12"x15" Photoshop, 2021

A fun illustration I made for one of my Spotify Playlists. Designed to be a 3 color risograph print.

Untitled LK Project final cropped.jpg

Hard No, 12"x15" Photoshop, 2020

Got really into Letterkenny and Robert McGinnis over quarantinge, so naturally an old mystery novel homage was necessary. I Was really playing with heavy texture around this time to give my pieces a more worn look.

Portrait Flyer 2 copy.jpg

Portrait Painting Workshop Flyers, 8"x10" Photoshop, 2020

Flyers made during live portrait painting workshop streams on Twitch.Tv.

Skullmonkeys Poster Final.jpg

Skullmonkeys, 12"x15" Photoshop, 2021

Another poster made for a monthly illustration challenge. Had to take a video game from the 90s and remake the poster for it. Not sure if anyone else has played this game, but it always held a special place in my heart. Designed to be a 3 color screen print.

Skate Decks.jpg

Skate Deck Paintings,various sizes, Photoshop, 2020

Really enjoyed trying to fit working compositions onto the narrow canvas of skate decks. Trying to have a readable piece with the narrow board and the trucks/wheels blocking sections makes for unique challenges when designing for skateboards.

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